Course Contents

Introduction to Web

  • Client / Server Architecture
  • Domain names and IP addresses
  • Services from the internet

Web Design Part 01 –  HTML 5

  • HTML 5 Introduction
  • Using HTML structural / semantic / formatting elements in web page
  • Information handling using Tables and lists
  • HTML forms

Web Design Part 02 – CSS

  • Introduction to CSS 3
  • Use of inline internal and external style sheets
  • Structuring and styling web page using CSS elements
  • Introduction to Bootstrap

Client-Side Web Web Development using Javascript

  • Role of Javascript in dynamic web page development
  • Introduction to Javascript (basics and syntax)
  • Data types / Control structures and loops
  • Functions
  • Event Handling
  • HTML Form processing and validation

Database Management Systems

  • Importance of databases in Website development
  • Planning relational databases using ER diagrams
  • Introduction to MySQL
  • CRUD Operations in MySQL

Introduction to  PHP

  • PHP Syntax 
  •  PHP Variables 
  •  PHP Operators 
  •  PHP Control Flow 
  • PHP File Handling


  •  PHP with MVC Architecture 
  •  PHP OOPS Concepts 
  •  Public, Private & Protected 
  •  Constructors & Destructors, Polymorphism,  Overloading 
  •  Operator Overloading, Function Overloading, Overriding, Inheritance, Abstract Class & Method

Introduction to PHP Frameworks and CMSs

  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Introduction to Code Ignitor 
  • Introduction to Laravel

Product finalizing 

  • Server handling
  • Domain handling
  • Product management


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